University of Warwick launches its own Oral History Network

Posted on 23/05/2011 by


The University of Warwick now has its own Oral History Network, based at the Institute of Advanced Study, open to oral history researchers in the UK and beyond.

The launch of the network follows on from the Oral History and 1968 seminar earlier on this year. Although all future seminars and conferences will be held at Warwick, the network is open to any researcher based in the UK or abroad who is interested in or is doing oral history him/herself. The network will be holding a a seminar on Tuesday 14 June, 2-5pm to launch the network and discuss current work. You can find more details about the event and the network, as well as a list of network members here.

For more information about the network, and if you’d like to join, contact Andrea Hajek, email
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