The Tell Me Project: connecting young people with the older generation

Posted on 16/06/2011 by


I’ve just come across The Tell Me Project, “an innovative educational project connecting young people with the older generation” .

The initiators of the Isle of Man-based project say that the project “gives older people the opportunity to share their memories of times past with school children through recorded interview”. And if you play the introductory video on the website, you’ll hear that “some older people think that young people are mainly hoodies and younger people to think that older people are boring” (fantastically put!) and this project is trying to challenge those assumptions.

Ok, it’s not exactly a UK oral history (the Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom but a  “self-governing British Crown Dependency” and well-known tax haven) but nonetheless, the project appears impressive for its school engagement, listing 31 schools as having been involved with interviewing to date,  a sizeable amount of guidance in their Learning Zone, and in general a user-friendly navigable website. The Tell Me Project is also rather proud of its recent seal of approval from the Isle of Man Department of Social Care because its  reminiscence work is viewed as a form of therapy.

And some of the interviews themselves are really quite sweet!

Check it out for yourself: