“I never thought that the bank would collapse”: Oral Histories of Bankers & Finance

Posted on 12/08/2011 by


I listened to a really interesting programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning, The Reunion, which reunited Nick Leeson, the man who broke Barings Bank, with his colleagues and former boss, Peter Norris.  Nick Leeson was the trader whose fraud caused the UK’s oldest investment bank to collapse in 1995 with £830 million of debt.  The format sees  participants of an event sit around a table to tell the story in their own words. I would highly recommend the 45-minute programme (listen here).

I was also reminded that the British Library have embarked on a project to capture An Oral History of Barings through 30 in-depth interviews.  Equally, I was reminded of a post I planned a few months ago when I came across the fact that the project London Stock Exchange: An oral history was available on-line.  Summaries of all 42 interviews, and full transcripts and audio recordings for 32 interviews have been made available via the University of London’s School of Advanced Study e-repository, and an overview of the project is available at Institute of Historical Research project pages.

More business and finance oral histories held by the British Library Sound Archive detailed here.