Occupy Oral History: Recording the Voices of the 99 Percent

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Happy New Year All!

I’d like to draw your attention to a project called Occupy Oral History which has just started, following closely on the heels of  and inspired by the broader Occupy History and the Occupy Movement more generally. The project is looking to be an on-line resource as well as an umbrella group  under which historians interested in becoming involved in the recording of new, and the reuse of old, oral histories of protest and resistance can gather.

Our movement began with a radical idea: that oral history is the means by which the voices of those who have been hidden from history will be heard. As part of the 99 per cent we believe this remains a pressing concern.

Occupy Oral History is an international group that aims:

  • To record and support the recording of the experiences of Occupiers everywhere;
  • To recover and re-tell past experiences from movements of resistance and protest
  • And to inspire the further contribution of oral history to the needs of the 99 per cent.

This project- this movement-needs your input, your ideas, your help, for it  to happen. We’re just getting started; the very aims of the project are provisional and subject to change by all those who participate. So please join us and help shape it.

The Occupy Oral History blog is at http://occupyoralhistory.wordpress.com.

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