For Your Tomorrow: Oral Histories of the WWII Burma Campaign

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“An extraordinarily fine piece of work…an excellent film” – Joanna Lumley OBE

During the Second World War, tens of thousands of working class men were sent to India and Burma, to fight against a formidable Japanese army, in often horrendous conditions. The defence of Burma and India against the seemingly unstoppable advance of a ferocious Japanese military was an event which helped turn the course of the Second World War, yet was, and still is, almost unrecognised by much of the free world. The Forgotten Army, as they became known, were fighting a formidable enemy in terrible conditions. Many survived only because they adopted a ‘kill or be killed’ attitude. Many did have to kill. Most lost friends and comrades and few can tell the tale.

In Don Clark’s moving documentary, created in association with award-winning Executive Producer Christopher Hird, we learn of the campaign from one of the last surviving groups of men. We follow youngsters Ben and Pamela on their journey to connect with the men who fought alongside their own grandfathers in the torrid Burma war. Film-maker Don Clark was privileged to be allowed to conduct interviews with a group of these wonderful men. He was often the very first person to whom they broke a code of silence. Some have sadly died since. For Your Tomorrow is a thoughtful, sometimes touching, sometimes upbeat, documentary film. It examines the costs then and the value today of the fight for freedom in the middle of the 20th century. For Your Tomorrow recently premiered to a packed and delighted cinema audience: 78% of those cinema-goers gave the 68-minute film ‘Five Stars’ in their feedback. They wrote comments such as: “What a wonderful film” “Profoundly moved me…changed my view of history” “Powerful…stirring” “A beautiful film” …and many more.

Don Clark is an Oral History Society member, who attended many of their training sessions and conferences,which has led, eventually, to the creation of the film. For Your Tomorrow is available on DVD and video on demand. To view the trailer, please visit Usually retails at £11.99, but The Oral History Noticeboard readers subscribers can receive £2 discount when using code OHS. £1 from each sale will go to Help for Heroes charity.

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