Happy Birthday! The Oral History Noticeboard’s 1st birthday

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Just a note to mark the first anniversary of The Oral History Noticeboard. Happy 1st Birthday to us!

I set up the blog in April 2011, and since then it’s really taken off. The blog has more than 60 subscribers and has received more than 14,500 15,000 hits from visitors from 87 countries.

The reason I started the blog was partly because I knew lots of oral history information was circulated in cyberspace, but was often kept on lists such as HNet and member-only email distribution lists. The practice of keeping information within these circles can mean that those outside institutions or society memberships are- or feel– excluded from the flow of information and debate (or don’t even know it’s there). I was also aware that in the UK, community oral history projects’ publicity tend to be locally-based in newspapers and local blogs, and doesn’t get exposure beyond a certain geographical radius. Finally, I wanted something to be focussed on oral history in the UK*,  and combine oral history news, events, views  from all the many contexts, institutions and groups who help to create and capture oral history. Put that together with a chance training session about blogging, and The Oral History Noticeboard was born! I hope the OHNB is doing what it set out to do (all feedback welcomed) and continues as such in the future.

So, I just wanted to say a big THANKS for clicking, subscribing, and sending in your news. Please keep it up!

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*Anyone who would like to run an OHNB blog for another country is welcome to get in touch! The franchise rates are very reasonable! 😉

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