‘Eyes on London’ Radio Documentary: East Londoners & The Olympic Games

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Eyes on London

Millions of people will have seen the Opening Ceremony for the Games in the newly built Olympic Park, a project that has seen vast stretches of East London change dramatically in a short space of time. But how has this development and the Olympic Games themselves affected the lives of residents in the area? Earlier this year, Matthew Homer travelled to the east end to ask local people whether London 2012 has created any benefits for their communities? Eyes on London documents his journey as residents speak about their hopes and fears for the Olympics and their legacy.





Interview with Steve Dowding.


Matthew speaks to east end resident Steve Dowding at his allotment near the Olympic Park. Steve is a contributor to Games Monitor, a website that aims to ‘deconstruct the ‘fantastic’ hype’ of the ‘Olympic industry.’ Here, Steve talks about how the Games has affected his life and his concerns about the legacy that will be left for him and his fellow Londoners.