The Story of the Croft: Reflections on the Project

Posted on 24/01/2013 by


Helen Gibb

Last Friday was a rather bittersweet day for me. Since March 2012 I’ve been making regular trips to Nottingham as a volunteer on the ‘Story of the Croft’ project. Eager for some practical experience working on an oral history project, I offered my skills to Emma Golby-Kirk of Now Heritage. 10 months later I was visiting Nottingham Castle to see the culmination of that work.

The ‘Story of the Croft’ was given funding by the Heritage Lottery in order to  record the life histories of women who were lone parents in the 1960s and 70s and who lived at The Croft – a pioneering housing support scheme in Nottingham. Founded by Ruth I Johns, The Croft provided mothers a safe space; from there they could decide what was best for them, and their new baby. It was ‘revolutionary’ for the time.

Emma was a child of the Croft. Barbara…

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