New BBC Radio 4 Series: ‘Noise – A Human History’

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This 30-part series explores how our interactions with sound have shaped us over 100,000 years. Recorded on location around the world and featuring treasures from the British Library’s Sound Archive, it takes us from prehistory to the present, encompassing the shamanistic music of our cave-dwelling ancestors, the babel of ancient Rome, the massacre of noisy cats in pre-revolutionary Paris, the nerve-destroying din of trench warfare, right through to the cacophony of the modern metropolis.

This is sound as life and death, pleasure and pain, power and revolution. Written and presented by Professor David Hendy from the University of Sussex.

Presenter/Prof David Hendy, Producer/Matt Thompson for Rockethouse Productions

Starts Monday 18 March 2013 1.45-2.00pm on BBC RADIO 4


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