Gove & History Teaching: Should oral history be on the National Curriculum?

Posted on 30/04/2013 by


When Michael Gove announced the new draft national curriculum it included a new approach to history teaching. As he stated in Parliament, this approach to teaching history would include: ‘a clear narrative of British progress with a proper emphasis on heroes and heroines from our past’. This has had its cheerleaders, such as Niall Ferguson,  but has also provoked much concern and anger from teachers and historians alike

Key charges have included that the curriculum is anglo-centric, with an over emphasis on facts as well as being pretty boring and possibly putting students off history for life.

The Oral History Journal Learning Section calls for 500-600 word ‘messages to Gove’ from those who have seen oral history used, created and debated in the classroom.  If you had five minutes with Michael Gove what would you tell him?

Send any questions and final submission to: Helen Graham, Oral History Journal Learning Editor (

Deadline: 30th May 2013