An Oral History of Mother and Baby Homes in England

Posted on 19/08/2013 by


Announcing a new oral history research based website on 20th Century Mother and Baby Homes in England. Drawn from oral history interviews with women who were sent to Mother and Baby Homes (homes for unmarried mothers) in England in the 1960s, this website offers up insight into the attitudes around unmarried motherhood of the time, the conditions and daily activities of the Homes, the birth and caring of their children, the adoption, and life after adoption for women who relinquished their children.

This website will prove valuable to academics and historians interested in oral history, maternity, single motherhood, twentieth century sexuality, residential institutions and issues around adoption and reunification. Likewise, anyone who has been affected by relinquishment, adoption or reunification will find insight into the experiences of women who spent time in these Homes.

The research for this site is drawn from Rose Bell’s MA dissertation in Public History at Royal Holloway University of London. Utilizing an oral history methodology and drawing on an interest in marginalized histories, this website provides the culminating research of Ms. Bell’s dissertation.