‘The Ash Cloud Revisited’: An oral history of the Ash Cloud

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In August 2013, JP and Barbara Gibson began their ongoing oral history project ‘The Ash Cloud Revisited’. The project uses oral history testimony to revisit the events of April 2010, when the eruptions of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland resulted in the closure of European airspace, causing unprecedented global travel disruption and grounding of international air traffic. We are amateur radio producers and have produced our first programme – a pilot – using a fraction of our material. If anyone wishes to listen, we would welcome any critical feedback. Also, can anyone help us place our archive recordings somewhere?  Please contact us direct on the email addresses below.

Our radio programme,  ‘Arghh…. that bloomin’ ash cloud!’  has been made for the London based Arts Radio station Resonance 104.4 FM. and will have its maiden broadcast this Weds 16th April at 8p.m. [repeated on Thurs 17th @ 9am], on the schedule as Clear Spot.

Listen at http://resonancefm.com/and to find out more about the project, see our project website at http://www.hearandnowprojects.co.uk/

email jp@hearandnowprojects.co.uk or barbara.gibson@spokenhistories.com.

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