We Make History – The Greater Manchester Sound Archive

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An Insight Into the Greater Manchester Sound Archive at Manchester Central Library.

We look after lots of fascinating collections at Manchester Central Library. I’m going to talk to you about just one of my favourites – the Greater Manchester Sound Archive. Sound archives are a new thing for us at the library. But they fit really well alongside everything else we do, and they do it in a different way from the rest.

That was a mashup of Lancashire looms, the sound of a mill hooter and Dorothy Fryman singing Not More Shall I Work at the Factory. And this is a picture of a pattern book. We hold hundreds of them at the library. They record swatches of printworks’ experiments with patterns and dyes for fabrics. I can never resist showing them to school groups. I ask the children, so when was this pattern book made?

Oh I dunno, looks like the 1960s, 1970s from the patterns, they say.

Actually no…

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