Oral Histories of Volunteering: Schools Resource Launched

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In March 2014 Royal Voluntary Service embarked on an exciting adventure, Voices of Volunteering: 75 Years of Citizenship, an oral history project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It took place over two years collected just over 100 oral histories with the help of Heritage Champions and investigated the hidden history of women and WVS/WRVS (now known as Royal Voluntary Service) from 1938-2013.

As part of this pioneering work we are hoping to use these stories to inspire new generations of women and men to get involved and help older people stay independent and active in their communities. Thus I would like to announce the launch of a new set exciting and innovative school resources focusing on citizenship and volunteering for students age 14 and above.

These resources provide teachers and your pupils with some very interesting stories and memories to inspire discussion and debate in the classroom around the topics of: why people volunteer, how volunteering has changed, how volunteering improves lives and how it has an impact on volunteers themselves.  This is an interactive learning experience including three short videos on Over 60’s Clubs, Hospital Trolley Shops and Meals on Wheels.
There are also lesson plans which motivate students to take citizenship outside the classroom and actively engage in volunteering. The resources are full of inspiring stories, useful information and some hand tips including recipes from the 1950s and 60s. You might even like to have a go at some of them yourself (especially if you love cake). The Swiss Roll which featured in the WVS Bulletin in 1950 is very tasty and easy to make.

Please check out the resources at http://voicesofvolunteering.weebly.com/

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