Oral Historian and Project Workers Pay Rates Guidance

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As the issue of poor rates of pay for oral historians and project workers in the UK raises its ugly head once again (one ad recently asked for a project worker to do oral history interviews, transcribing and create education resources for £8.50 per hour/ equiv £64 per day),  it’s worth a re-posting of some guidance from the Oral History Society  about pay-rates for oral history work. Note that these are minimum and organisations should be striving to pay a fair wages to attract, retain and reward good staff:

Salaried positions

  • Project Managers: £28k – £38k
  • Interviewers / fieldworkers: £24k – £30k
  • Archivists: £23k – £30k
  • Admin / clerical support: £18 – £25k
  • Technical support: £18 – £28k
  • Education officers / cataloguers / web authors: £20k – £33k

Day rates

  • Exact rates will be dependent on experience. The figures below reflect the minimum recommended rate.
  • Freelance Oral Historian/ Project Manager: £175
  • Outreach / educator / artist: £150
  • Evaluator: £250
  • Documenting / archiving: £300
  • Transcription services: £15 – £20 per hour
  • Translation services: £50 per hour

Oral history work is challenging, complex and immensely rewarding. But job satisfaction don’t pay dem bills…

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