OHA@50: Oral History Review Virtual Issue

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This year, 2016, the Oral History Association (USA) celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark this occasion, they have put together a very special, virtual open-access issue of their journal The Oral History Review. 

The virtual issue, the first produced by the Oral History Review’s editors, is presented in celebration of the Oral History Association’s fiftieth anniversary. It brings together fifteen articles, all previously published in theReview, that probe the nature and value of oral history. That theme is, admittedly, capacious, and it was purposely chosen to showcase some of the most influential work published in the journal. The aim of this virtual issue is to show how understanding of these essential aspects of our practice has been explored in the pages of the Review since it began publication in 1973.

To read and download, go to http://oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/ohr/oha_50.html

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