Young Historians: ‘We Are Our Own Liberators’  

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‘We Are Our Own Liberators’  

Young Historians Project launches their exhibition and documentary on the forgotten history of the Black Liberation Front in Britain 
After securing funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), the Young Historians Project (YHP) will be unveiling their exhibition and premièring their film on the Black Liberations Front on Friday the 20th October 2017.   
With statistics revealing that History is the third most unpopular subject, and with less than 10 Black PhD students in the U.K., the project emerged as one of the outcomes from the ‘History Matters’ conference held at the Institute of Historical Research in 2015. 
“The aim of YHP was to encourage young people of African and Caribbean heritage to engage more with history and to provide them with the skills to present history,” commented Professor Hakim Adi, one of the founders of the initiative, “I think the film and exhibition will reveal to the public that YHP has succeeded. “ 
Young people have played a key role in shaping the project. The project has given young people a chance to engage with history through digital technology, while developing their knowledge of political activism. “Being involved in YHP was a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable skills in filmmaking and curating an exhibition in a subject matter very important for me as a black British person,” explains Enna Uwaifo, one of the young volunteers,  “It’s amazing that we get to bring to life a part of black British history that is overlooked in schools. Learning about the important work of BLF has heightened my awareness of the black struggle in this country, how far we have come and how far we still have to go” 


For the past 2 years, young volunteers have been creating a short documentary and designing an exhibition on the BLF to be presented at secondary schools in London.  As part of the project, young people have undergone archival, oral history and film training, and ventured out to explore some of the most undiscovered aspects of the BLF. “I’ve learnt about how important editing is making a documentary. The right images, music and cuts are vital to telling the story effectively” comments Jemmar Samuels, a member of the YHP. 
The event will be a fantastic opportunity for the community to engage with an extremely forgotten aspect of Black British history. Founded in 1971, the BLF had a significant impact on the Black British political landscape and played a key role in the black community. From developing links with liberation struggles in Africa, to establishing supplementary schools in London, the BLF consolidated black political identity and challenged the impact of racism in Britain. In acknowledging this, the exhibition focuses on key themes such as community engagement, the role of women within the BLF, anti-racism campaigns, young people and black political culture.  


Premiering their short documentary titled ‘We Are Our Own Liberators’, along with their exhibition, the launch will represent the achievements of the YHP thus far. “I’ve met some amazing people on the project and we worked hard to make documentary and exhibition happen,” explains Enna, “I’m excited to see the end result and the former BLF members’ reaction to it all.”  




Friday 20th October 18:30 – 21:00 

The Stretch, Goldsmiths Student Union, 9 Dixon Road, SE14 6NL 

*FREE* via Eventbrite 



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