“The relationship between history and the community should not be in either direction: but rather a series of exchanges, a dialectic, between information and interpretation, between educationists and their localities, between classes and generations. There will be room for many kinds of oral history and it will have many different social consequences. But at bottom they are all related.”

Paul Thompson, ‘The Voice of the Past’ (1988)

This independent blog is a ‘noticeboard’ for people involved or with an interest in oral history in the UK and beyond. It is a place to publicise your news, project or event, and read oral history news and comment.

The noticeboard for anyone working with, or with an interest in, oral history in the UK. It aims to cover items and issues in oral history in all of its settings, including personal oral histories, community-based oral history and in research and higher education. The blog is not funded by or affiliated with any institution or organisation, and it is open to all oral history-related news.

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