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For over forty years, the Oral History Society (OHS) has promoted the collection, preservation and use of recorded memories and continues to play a key role in facilitating and developing the use of oral history in Britain and internationally. The OHS has welcomed the increased interest in, and use of, oral history in a range of settings over recent decades.  In particular, the Society recognises the increased use of and engagement with oral history in research and teaching practice in UK universities. The OHS supports oral history in Higher Education (HE) through a number of activities, such as its Spring School at the Institute of Historical Research, the Oral History journal and the OHS-IHR Seminar Series.

The Oral History Society now seeks to better understand and support individuals using oral history in UK Higher Education and has established the Oral History Society Higher Education NetworkWe hope that the network will help to both survey the nature of oral history activity with UK HE and support those teaching and researching through sharing ideas, information and discussions.

If you are currently engaged with oral history in UK HE and you’d like to join the Network, please fill out the survey form below and we’ll then send you the link to our secure Google Group discussion list. Your details will not be shared with anyone else.

Joanna Bornat, Open University
Fiona Cosson, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jenny Harding, London Metropolitan University
Hilary Young, Museum of London

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